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Don't Belive

This song is by Taproot.

This time it's gone to far, so why do I push and push to make you believe me, so
Why don't you believe me.

I hope you can trust me when you touch my hand and don't push me away when you
Don't believe me, so believe me don't believe me. Take it away when you push it in
My face and and start believing meeeeeeeeeee.

Don't believe, don't believe, don't believe, so just be believe me when you hold my
Hand and take a hard deep breath. And start believing, believing, believing.

This is the last straw, you don't need me when I'm here but you'll need me when
You need to start believing me and yourself, just believe, believe, believe.

Just believe just believe, just believe. For you sake and mineeeeeeee.

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