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This means that a human being has seen this page and checked that the page name is correct and in accordance to LW:PN, and that all required parameters are correctly filled in.

To upgrade this artist to Silver,

  • the information about it needs to be completed;
  • all albums and songs have to be upgraded to at least Silver;
  • at least one person has to "adopt" the page by adding it to their watchlist and inserting the {{Watcher}} template below the {{Artist Info}} template.

Remember, this artist cannot proceed to Silver until every album and every track is Silver!

Read all about page ranking, the templates, categories and styles at Lyricwiki:Page ranking.
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Official site Official Site status is Done
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Cover Album Art status is Done
Other Other Songs status is Unknown
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Musicbrainz MusicBrainz status is Done
Allsongs Every song is at least StarIconGreen
Everyalbum Every album is at least StarIconGreen
*) Group members and guest appearances should also be done as needed.


Any new pages added to this section need to be prefixed "The_Tragically_Hip" rather than "Tragically_Hip". Any old pages need to be moved to using "The_", and the links updated on the main and album pages. I'm just changing them as I come across them, if someone wants to do a mass migration feel free. ;) dirtyepic 17:39, 27 October 2006 (PDT)

Sean Colombo has a script that can do mass moving automatically. You can leave a note at Category:Requests For Moves and he will get around to it eventually.
- Teknomunk 17:42, 27 October 2006 (PDT)
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