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About Let it Be .... Naked

I have some questions about this album, and perhaps other remixed albums. I recently purchased this album and carefully listened to all tracks, comparing them to the certified, Gold category lyrics posted here. I heard many differences - the most significant being there is, with one minor exception, no spoken material on intros or outros of these tracks. There are also a few minor differences within actual verses. I checked on track by track info on Wikipedia, and was able to confirm that all studio and rooftop dialogue was removed, and that in some cases, different takes were used.

I am confident that the certified lyrics here are quite accurate - for the 1970 LP and later CD releases of it on CD. But they are not accurate for Let It Be ... Naked.

So does the community feel that it's appropriate to consider editing these lyrics to match the actual 2003 release, or does the 1970 release take precedence over any later remixes/edits by a record producer?

Thank you

--Pastafazoo (talk) 03:07, May 1, 2017 (UTC)

Fly on the Wall

FotW is one song, consisting of excerpts from 22 songs, not the actual 22 songs as was indicated on alb & artist page. And we don't have the lyrics for FotW. A better place to indicate what the actual lyrics are, and the break down by excerpted song, is on the lyric page. --ES (talk) 15:24, July 4, 2017 (UTC)