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Naming Conventions

I think it's important to standardize the songs and albums by using correct and simple naming conventions.

Artist Name

All L'Arc~en~Ciel songs should have the artist name as "L'Arc~en~Ciel" and not any other name such as "L'arc-En-Ciel" or "L'Arc~En~Ciel". This way, all of the songs will be connected to one page. I suggest making a L'Arc-en-Ciel redirect page.

Album and Song Names

Their names should use correct spelling, punctuation and letter casing (e.g. AWAKE, EXISTENCE, birth!, Tierra, heavenly, etc.). If the song name has a subtitle or second name, I suggest to try and keep the dashes, tildes or brackets separated from the name for a cleaner look even though the name is already correct (e.g. "get out from the shell -asian version-" instead of "get out from the shell-asian version-"). Song names should use kanji whenever is necessary, then followed by a forward slash and the romanization version of the name in a non-link italicized title next to it. Translated titles should only be mentioned within the song article.

Album names should also have their release year beside the name in brackets (e.g. AWAKE (2005)). This will avoid any conflicts with any albums with the same name, which is unlikely but it's good to be fully distinguishable.



There should be a category for albums, singles and compilations. By using the correct headlining, the table of contents would look like the one on this page.

Suggested usages:

  • H1: The main article header. Usage not recommended. (e.g. =L'Arc~en~Ciel=)
  • H2: Albums, singles, compilations. (e.g. ==Albums==)
  • H3: Album name. (e.g. ===[[L'Arc~en~Ciel:KISS (2007)|KISS (2007)]]===)


  • H1: Albums, singles, compilations. (e.g. =Albums=)
  • H2: Album name. (e.g. ==[[L'Arc~en~Ciel:KISS (2007)|KISS (2007)]]==)

If you favour the horizontal rule under each album title, then I recommend the second usage.


If there are two or more articles about the same song with the same lyrics, they should be deleted or redirected to the more complete and correct version. If one has kanji and the other is romanized or translated, they should be merged keeping the most correctly named article and removing the old.

In Closing

There might be more things I would like to mention but I would like to hear what you think for now. If anyone disagrees or has any suggestions to add, please feel free to speak up.

By winnietehpoohie

Discussion continued on LyricWiki_talk:Japan
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