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I know that "unlike albums, track listings for singles should not be included on the artist's page", but since some of Dubstar's singles have 2-4 other tracks besides the title track, I think it is more appropriate to have them listed as albums, since the "other songs" or "b-sides" section would be so long if it was organized in that manner. jessicaglynn 21:04, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

I have finished sorting the songs in Other Songs list (I couldn't find others). Btw, "Other Songs" is where the bot deposits songs he sweeps from the web. Sort of a dumping ground. The songs there need allocating. They aren't meant to be added to. If you can obtain lyrics for any links that are red and any songs not listed that would be great, but we don't aim to provide complete discographies. All roads lead to one. So if all the songs on a particular single are already on albums on the page, there isn't any need to add the single. It also presents problems when artist's pages get too big. Also, seeing as you have done a lot of work on this page, you might want to add your name as watcher too. If you do, just add your name after inserting another pipe. Feel free to contact me on my talk page. Happy editing and thanks for adding the album covers. Good teamwork!  ♫Яєdxx Actions Words 01:09, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
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