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Dean Martin KISS: Based on Louise Labe's (Circa 1520-1566) Sonnet 18. Louise Labé was an important literary figure in the Renaissance world of Lyons, France. She was one of the most important and influential women writers of the Continental Renaissance and best known for her exquisite collection of love sonnets, one of which Sonnet 18, "O Kiss Me": Baise m'encor, rebaise moy et baise : Donne m'en un de tes plus savoureus, Donne m'en un de tes plus amoureus : Je t'en rendray quatre plus chaus que braise. Las, te pleins tu? ça que ce mal j'apaise, En t'en donnant dix autres doucereus. Ainsi meslans nos baisers tant heureus Jouissons nous l'un de I'autre à notre aise. Lors double vie à chacun en suivra. Chacun en soy et son ami vivra. Permets m'Amour penser quelque folie : Tousjours suis mal, vivant discrettement, Et ne me puis donner contentement, Si hors de moy ne fay quelque saillie.

One English translation: Kiss me again, rekiss me, and then kiss me again, with your richest, most succulent kiss; then adore me with another kiss, meant to steam out fourfold the very hottest hiss from my love-hot coals. Do I hear you moaning? This is my plan to soothe you: ten more kisses, sent just for your pleasure. Then, both sweetly bent on love, we'll enter joy through doubleness, and we'll each have two loving lives to tend: one in our single self, one in our friend. I'll tell you something honest now, my love: it's very bad for me to live apart. There's no way I can have a happy heart without some place outside myself to move.

Another English translation of Sonnet 18,: "O Kiss Me"O kiss me, kiss me, re-kiss me, and kiss!Be reckless, impudent, hot-headed, bold!O woo me! Pursue me! Kiss me like this: And I'll give back fifty as hot as red coals. There, is it hurting? Come, let's soothe the pain. I'll give you sixty others just like these. A nd so we'll kiss again and then again, While we enjoy each other at our ease. I know there's fire within your unshaped clay, And so, allow me, love, to share my happiness:O let's make burning passion rule today. I'm fond of doing what I love to do, Yet cannot feel supreme delight unlessI have my other wild encounters, too.

And yet, another translation: Kiss me, kiss me more and still more, Give me that scrumptious kiss of yours, Give me that kiss that's tenderest, I'll give you four that are hottest. Sigh! You gripe? Let me soothe your pain With ten kisses that are sweetest To mix with ours in bliss greatest. Enjoy each other e'er again. Though we each have our private life To live and let the other do likewise, Let me insane for our love's sake. In discreet life I'd suffer pain If I could not give myself fain To you madly for you to take.

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