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I just got an email (probably someone just wasn't too familiar w/editing wikis yet) and it said that the following songs aren't by Britney Spears at all. Most of them seem to be redirects, so in a little bit we should probably just remove them from the Other Songs sections (at the moment, I think Janitor would just put them back automatically, but I've asked Teknomunk if this is really the best way to do it or not. So for reference:

  • Original Doll
  • Forever
  • Give Me Love
  • Good Luck
  • How
  • I'm Shinin'
  • I Know
  • Let Me - Melanie Durant
  • Love To Hate You
  • Me And You
  • Need You Next To Me
  • Now And Then
  • Now Until Forever (This is I'll NEver Stop Loving YOu)
  • Pensaste Mal
  • Poppuary Let Me That
  • Something Wrong
  • Sorrow
  • Talk To Me - Verizon
  • This Mornin' ( My Song)
  • This World
  • Turn On The Night
  • When I Get You Home
  • When It Comes To You
  • You Will Never
  • Come And Get Me
  • Creep
  • Do You Love Me?
  • Leave Me Alone (Bonus Track)
  • Lick My Baby Back Behind
  • My Song
  • Perfect Tonight
  • Popurry Let Me That
  • Still Not Sorry
  • Wake Up Girl
  • What Love Is (Interlude)

-Sean Colombo (talk|contribs) 02:40, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

lip syncing

Hey Britney do u lip sing?Text me back soon.Love,Natalie.

Hey Britney do u lip sing?Text me back soon.Love,Natalie.
Hey Britney do u lip sing?Text me back soon.Love,Natalie.
anwser me now!
Britney, are u gonna anwser my question?DO U LIP SING OR NOT?I wont tell any one
Hey Britney i think u need singing lessons.I know u lip sing and im tellin everybody i know.
Hi Natalie, I think it's important to note that this page isn't an official way of contacting Britney Spears and it is highly unlikely that she watches this page. This talk page's primary purpose is for members of LyricWiki to discuss the lyrics for the Britney Spears page (to make sure we have all of her songs and to make sure we got the lyrics correct, etc.)
Sorry for the confusion,
-Sean Colombo 04:41, January 18, 2010 (UTC)
tbh just undo on cause of vandalism/stupidity.--Wingsy 22:36, January 18, 2010 (UTC)
Natalie, Britney Spears is always been lip synching. Even you don't have to act like that. Sometimes in her tours she lip synching and sometimes not. I really know a lot about Britney Spears, in 1999 during her ...Baby One More Time Tour accusations of lip synching arose. Britney Spears talked to Rolling Stone about the accusations, saying,

"There's a delay in the screen above me, so if you listen to the music and watch the screen, they don't sync up. I think that confuses people. But I'm singing every song. I'm singing my ass off. [...] There are times during the show, when I'm dancing so much, where I get out of breath, and we have a signal where I'm dying and they'll help me out. Believe me, I'd give anything to do a show where I just sit there and sing".
♪ Roxy M. ♪

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