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Several albums and many songs need to be added. Albums include:

  • Don't Be Concerned
  • Photographs of Feeling
  • The Elusive Bob Lind
  • Since There Were Circles (original and reissue)
  • Live at Luna Star Cafe
  • Elusive Butterfly: The Complete 1966 Jack Nitzsche Sessions

    The tracks on the first two albums all appear on the album "You Might Have Heard My Footsteps - The Best of Bob Lind", which contains 3 additional tracks (the final three on the album). "Elusive Butterfly: The Complete 1966 Jack Nitzsche Sessions" also contains (I believe) all the songs on the first two albums listed above, but the extra tracks are different songs from those on the Footsteps album. I have taken the lyrics for the songs "How To Get Depressed", "Sophia's Lullaby","Two Women" and "Never Even There" directly from Bob Lind's web site; they may therefore be considered authoritative. Bob 32 116 (talk) 13:50, August 25, 2012 (UTC)
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