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I'm sitting here writin to my lover
Last time we met I wasn't so sure (not so sure)
Now I'm hoping, maybe dreaming, for a life as one
When she reads this I'm hoping she'll call (call me baby)
But I need more, much more than before
I need positive reactions whenever I'm down

But I'm sure so sure
That it's heaven knocking on my door
Sure so sure so baby come on inside
Need you so much more and more each time we touch
Sure so sure that it's sweet love I've found

It's not a game so don't play hard to get
(Tired of running after you)
There's no connections holding us down (down)
Isn't it a shame that it never happened (isn't it a shame)
Though still here we are the second time round
It's gotta be social, compatible, sexual, irresistible
It's gotta be right for life

Holdin' squeezin touchin teasin
Wantin wishin waitin thinkin'
Of your love, yeah yeah
Blindin groovin feel it move it
Findin breathin bracin breedin
With you girl
It's gotta be social compatible sexual irresistible
It's gotta be right for life

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