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Wear You Out

This song is by TV on the Radio and appears on the album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004).

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I can barely move for want of room
And I'm forgettin' to breathe
But the sight of you has me instantly
Remember my needs

Oh the lights spin and the beat breaks in
And I'm smellin' your sweet
Should I spend the next six hours
Tryin' to get you off your feet?

Oh no girl, just pretend
There ain't no one else around
So let's break it down
Ooh, let's break it down

Watch a room full of roosters
Turned to cocks runnin' wild
Scramblin' like hungry dogs
Towards you, child

See those boys tryin' to sweat you
Watchin' grown men cry
Like you're shakin' it
Like you're shakin' it
Like you're shakin' it
Put somethin' in their eyes
Oh, wide open eyes

Well here I am, just a man
Is this light flattering?
Did you notice my crown of feathers
And check out my vital vibrant comb?
Oh puff chest out and play strong
Grab you by the hair and pull you along

Or do I just talk to you
And tell you what I really, really, really want to do
Stop because you think that you
Know where this is going
Couldn't stop it girl
If you knew where this was going
You don't know the half, girl

You seem so, so smart
Ooh, but you're so wrong

Closing time
Pale blue lights gonna shine
In through any open window
Nighttime says goodbye

Let's pursue this argument in darkness
Curtains drawn, limbs entwined

Now you're two hours away
From starting your day
And you can't be late
So let's get straight

Let me wear you out
Let me wear you out

Let me make you mine, mine, mine
Let me make you mine, mine, mine


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