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It's A Beautiful Thing

This song is by TRU and appears on the album Da Crime Family (1999).

(Snoop talkin')

Alot of people always ask me ...
Snoop dogg ... what it feel like being on no limit records?
How that nigga p treat you?
What c-murder and silkk the shocker like?

Nigga let me tell ya somethin'

{Snoop dogg}

Fancy cars, big ole rings
Pushin the dope and I don't mean cocaine
No pain, no game I struggle for mine
I hustle for mine and that's all the time
I b-ball wit p, c, silkk and serv
Went to my homies from the cp third
Southside niggas on the west coast curves
We givin' up love, while we blazin' up bud
How y'all fell about that no limit shit?
Big snoop dogg you know we rock that shit
Well put on yo jersey and yo mothafuckin tank
And show yo golds and crack some hoes
We closin down shop but the game be sold
Imma have money even when I'm old
>From a g to key when you fuckin' wit p
Somehow someway got to get the money

Chorus (snoop dogg)

Hell yeah it's a beautiful thing
Yeah y'all it's a beautiful thing
No limit it's a beautiful thing
Yeah y'all it's a beautiful thing (tru, tru) (can y'all dig it ?)
Yeah y'all it's a beautiful thing
Tru it's a beautiful thing
No limit it's a beautiful thing

{C-murder }

Snoop check this out

Me and my nigga snoop shootin dice lookin' fo cheese (for keys)
We get high 'cause we keeps that bomb ass weed
And fuck them otha niggas (why ?) I'm ridin' wit dogg (dogg)
And I'm 6 ft tall (tall)
And a couple of a calls (calls)
And bookoo broads (broads)
And bookoo hoes (hoes)
And bookoo shows (shows)
And fat optimos (optimos)
Tru playaz for real, run up you gettin' killed
Make the wrong move and I'm tying yo shoes
Mac down south nigga wit the cali boyz
And like roy we totin them plastic toys
(Beach) on the beach droppin' nothin' but heat
From the l.b.c. to the cp3
I love this shit like I say in bed
It's like 2 bad bitches givin' you head
Snoop in the tank countin' nothin' but bank
What y'all thank nigga ? it's a beautiful thang

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