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Wild Life

This song is by TNT and appears on the album The New Territory (2007).

I'd write a letter, but it's better if I don't know
If you love me or you're not coming back
You take a lover every summer, so they say so
With deep blue eyes and a jacket of black
Ooh, you wanna rock 'n' roll your life away
It's a wild life...
I heard a rumour you were working for the radio
It might as well be just a matter of fact
You made a record and we played it on the stereo
Now you're a hero and you're back on the track
Ooh, when all I want is you tonight,
Are you all right?
You're livin' it up,
You're livin' it up,
So don't give it up...
Ooh, it's a wild life,
You're livin' it up,
You're livin' it up,
You're livin' it up in a real wild life tonight...

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