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Had It, Lost It, Found It

This song is by TNT and appears on the album Atlantis (2008).

We have lost the melody
Now the notes are running free
We had no sense of harmony
We seldom played in key

Words were bad from time to time
We could never get the rhyme
Was it you, or was it me...
That set the music free?

Keep on diggin' it!
Keep on playin' it!
Keep on diggin' it!
Had it, lost it, found it
Had it, lost it, found it

Melody, I love your beat
Notes that only we repeat
All composed from bar to bar,
But songs like that, they don't go far...

So this song ends at the start
Melody, you broke my heart
Dissonance, disharmony,
But now I'm back in key...

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