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Album by TC&I.
  1. Scatter Me
  2. Greatness (The Aspiration Song)
  3. Kenny
  4. Comrades of Pop


Produced by:

Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding


 Additional Musicians
  • Alan Batemen - Saxophone, Trumpet on "Kenny" and "Scatter Me"
  • Mikey Rowe - Farfisa organ and ornate tinkling on "Scatter Me"
  • Susan Bevington - Soprano voice on "Scatter Me"

Recorded and Engineered by:

Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding

Mixed by:

Stuart Rowe

Further Recording of Drums and Horns at:

Earthworm Amber Studios, Swindon

Engineered at Earthworm Amber Studios by:

Jon Bucket with assistance of Pete Hewington

Mastered by:

Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering

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