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Album by T.I..
  1. The Introduction
  2. G Season (featuring Meek Mill)
  3. Trap Back Jumpin'
  4. Wildside (featuring A$AP Rocky)
  5. Ball (featuring Lil Wayne)
  6. Sorry (featuring André 3000)
  7. Can You Learn (featuring R. Kelly)
  8. Go Get It
  9. Guns and Roses (featuring P!nk)
  10. The Way We Ride
  11. Cruisin'
  12. Addresses
  13. Hello (featuring Cee Lo Green)
  14. Who Want Some
  15. Wonderful Life (featuring Akon)
  16. Hallelujah
  17. Love This Life (iTunes bonus track)
  18. Like That (iTunes bonus track)
  19. Live On Tonight (featuring Victoria Monet) (Best Buy bonus track)
  20. Parlay (featuring D.O.P.E.) (Best Buy bonus track)
  21. Check This Dig That (featuring Trae) (Best Buy bonus track)

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