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Open Up 2 U

This song is by T-Spoon and appears on the album Joy, Life & Pain (1994).

Loving yois never now
I feel so helpless
Open as a child if you could see me
In your mind would you concede
One day being mine

You can give it to me
Get me in the mood
Need a little satisfaction
Open up 2 u
Don't you keep me waiting
Love me like you do
Need a little satisfaction
Open up 2 u

So you tell me to understand
Am I the one
Is he the other one
Now you're saying we are done
And I realize
I'm not the only one

Over and over she let down
Took your love and left the town
Went away went a way on a wedding day
Bended knee but she would not stay
Now you're hanging out in the wind
Love is lost on a one time friend
It was easy when you begun
Now you see that you're not the only one

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