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This song is by Syx and appears on the album A Cold Breath Of What It Takes (2003).

Never see winter let it come back again

Take me back
Take me back
Through this cinematic flickering
Let the fog on our window melt
I've never met a partial friend who would never leave
Cloudy are the things we try to say
Cloudy are the things we try to see

I still see winter
In my mind's blind eye
Cold sky filling up
With the color of our breath

Foot prints solace
In the way we step
Teacher speak softly
Show me how it all will end

Never see winter

Nothing is left
Never again will this come full circle
No one is left
Remember the ones who stayed
Never see winter

I still try holding it close
Only now so distant
Just in memories
Will I remember those friends

Take me back...
The only one who is listening
Is deaf and no one else is cared about
Never see

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