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This song is by Syx and appears on the album A Cold Breath Of What It Takes (2003).

Show me how it all
Came true and I'll
Let live next in line
Line them up to see
Dominoes are faceless
After they fall

Something is missing

But pull away
Left to be afraid
The bitterness
Has chosen me, never be the same

Show me
Show me how it all began
Violet hands gleaming
Gently cradle me
Beg to show me how
To begin to live again

I'd rather
Just fall off
Than upset
Our balance
The one who
Still sings here
You left us

Minus one

I'm lining up all that was took from me
Between all the lines I destroy what you gave to me
Alone I try not to believe
After all that has changed the martyr is still me

The martyr

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