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Witch's Cottage

This song is by Symphonic Destiny and appears on the album The Fountain of Eternal Life (2015).

A cottage standing in the dark woods,
Everything is covered by roses.
Lights can't find way through the trees,
You'll never find a shelter here.

Time's never your friend, you should face it!
Moments fly away, hours are gone.
You have to make your decision,
'Cause there's no other choice left!

Magic can make you blind,
Belief should keep you alive.

My spells are the most powerful in the world,
Nothing can stop this power!
Burn; burn as long as you hear my sweet whisper!
Fire sparkles in the darkness.

A prediction that should come true;
A red rose on a grave screams your death.
Lonely spirits wonder among trees,
Show you what may happen, don't stay!

If you don't listen to advice,
You can soon meet your judgment day.
You cannot run away from death,
But you could fight for your life.

Three beauties will put spells on you,
They will curse you forever.
They will spread evil everywhere,
And take away your freedom.

Dark magic rules your pure soul,
Witches dark shadow falls on you.
This damned place keeps you imprisoned,
It seems like your worst nightmare!

My magic's the most powerful on the Earth,
Nothing can stop my evil thoughts!
Look at the fire which will burn your body,
Is it going to be your end!

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