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Ghost Town

This song is by Symphonic Destiny and appears on the album The Fountain of Eternal Life (2015).

This dark place makes me feel lost,
Shadows surround me everywhere.
I can hear my heart beating,
I hope it's just a dream.

Hey you! Why do you run away?
Your struggle is in vain!
Hey you! Why do you run from me?
The end is coming soon!

The night unveils the secret,
It's time to face my fears!
I must find my redemption,
The sparks are fading now!

Hey you! Why do you keep on fighting?
Don't you see the end is near?!
Why do you keep on fighting?
You can close your eyes, but I'm your nightmare!

Save the innocent souls,
Save them from this damned place,
You'll defeat the evil,
Save them from the darkness

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