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This song is by Swollen Members.

(Hit it!)
(Hit it!)

Amplified, fortified, more to my liking,
Come alive, overdrive, certified writing,
Simplified, mortified, purified rhyming,
Horrified, glorified, war! Rob the Viking,
We're hungry and we're thirsty, and we're coming in,
I'm eatin and drinkin' and these are my friends,
Hand over fist, damn don't resist,
My fang, gang or bang and man-handle this,
If we have to twist, bend, snap or break,
Neck back and spine to work out the weight,
We will, for real, we're still the type,
With death appeal to kill the mic,
You know what I feel like?
Taking no prisoners,
Comin' out blastin, laughin' like the riddler,
This one will get in ya
S&M signature
Y'all 2 minutes, I can't wait to finish ya

(Moka Only - Chorus x2)
The weight of the world,
(For real, ya)
And you don't want to puch me to the edge
(We getcha)
Prepare for the worst,
(We see ya)
'Cause you are now rockin' with the best
(We hit ya)

You don't want to know what kinda place we've been livin' in,
You turn around and person's face change like chameleon,
We strike like a million, we're money in the bank,
Its golden and swollen and rollin' like a tank,
Battleaxe warriors, take your positions,
Y'all too skrawny for the weight you've been liftin,
You should let us take over and crush,
And watch how the crowd just feed off the rush.

Such an untouchable,
You followin rottweiler with the high alcohol tolerance,
Killas, gorrillas in the mist with this,
Mister mischievous,
Its ridiculous,
You think, who was suicidal enough to look after ya,
After a masterful massacre has occurred,
Naturally, a disastrous catastrophie,
Now tell me: who the fuck wanna rap after me?

(Moka - Chorus x2)

I'm relying on, Friends with firearms,
White lightnin, trans am iron on.
Kid I'm incredible hulk it,
Can't touch this mic clutch with vulcan grip.
There's no ultimate, We're the ultimate,
Keep wounds open, Prev throw salt in it,
Spittin' icicles and so forth,
Go for it, I blow torch your snow fort,
There's no avoidin us, We're poisonous,
Get into this psychological influence,
Infamous, plus ferocious, Do not approach us,
You cockroaches.
Armed heavily, This is longevity.
Can't keep up to myself, I'm way ahead of me,
Machild's a ball of confusion losin y'all,
I'm delusional, Plus unusual.

(Moka Only)
Heavy world, stress is real,
I'll tell you how pressure feels,
Spinal snaps, shoulder crack,
We keep pushing, wont fall back.
Heavy world, stress is real,
I'll tell you how pressure feels,
Spinal snaps, shoulder crack,
We keep pushing, wont fall back.

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