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Erica Pt.2

This song is by Swollen Members.

I was happy at the time,
Never knowing who was mine.
Now I hear your heart is broken.

(Project Wyze)
Erica please.

(Project Wyze)
To Erica, snakes smell fear,
And sharks smell blood in water.
Though you were innosent like the king's daughter.
You can love me or leave me,
But why try to deceive me.
Your world is mine.
I know she can't be trusted like a thief when the night falls,
So britney being a vigrin and the ?? trip phone calls.
Never imagine she's got my life in a backspin,
Like that ??? from Fatal Attraction.
Another tragic tale of kiss and tell,
She's the ghost in my attic, the poison in my well.
Left me hanging like the cross on a Catholic's necklace,
Things just fell apart, like a bad game of tetris.
Erica the beautiful slash dangerous slash hateful slash painful,
She's my dark angel.
What a tangled web she weaves!
Truly mine, truly yours, Erica please.

Yo, Erica: shiny fiesty two shot deriger,
You look def in that leopard skin,
Now I'm in hysteria.

Beware this type of character,
Its hard to adapt her,
Bangin' like Miss America,
The heart can't be captured.

Started with the script off the screenplay like an actor,
Played my strings one by one like a puppet and a master.

Is nothing sacred?
Sleep with hatred lethal features,
Devil in a blue dress, deceitful creature.

Y'all know that my boys and my blood pumps poison.

It's typical, heartbreaks make life difficult.

It's a ???, physical mental attraction,
Different from what I felt when I met her,
Why you askin?

I'm under strain,
A perfect storm of thunder reigns,
God's restrain, a hundred chains with hunger pangs.

She's like a dozen other dames, so we tame that beast.

What's her name again?


(Madchild, Prevail)
Rest in peace.

(Project Wyze)
Erica please.

(Moka Only)
Erica was always one of my favorite names,
Erica was always one of my favorite flames.
Our meeting was a praise and a curse in the same,
They all ???.
See I'ma put away the goose chase,
Turn the tables 'cause its time I see you chase.
??? Let it slide girl,
'Cause if you can't see the picture then I'm out while I let one of these other guys stress it.

(Project Wyze x2)
You! You gotta love me or leave me alone.
'Cause I'm so sick of this!

(Project Wyze, Madchild x3)
Tell me why you leavin' me,
Everytime you seeing me,
Is this the way you treating me?
Erica please!

You're all alone here now,
This whole ??? is ??? to your platoon!

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