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Poison Intro

This song is by Swizz Beatz, features Áine Zion and appears on the album Poison (2018).

I fasted for 30 days
No question of where was harm
Darkness followed me
I shaped it on
I can't unsee the things that would make you run, but fear no man, the real recognize how I stand strong
With the hood in my heart, and hip hop on my sleeve and 25 soldiers multiplied always strapped, we march, on

I flipped the script, and flipped the switch on my mid brain, manifesting this prescription quick
Epileptic overdose hip banging lyrical fit, we vibrate, on
No man, monster or attack can attempt contact
This wildfire in your veins, cannot be tamed
No spitting in tongues, but your back on the ground, shaking
This is your awakening, it's time to show you the side effects
From Tottenham to the Bronx, and beyond
All this shit is poison

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