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The Way I Am (Freestyle)

This song is by Swishahouse.

Wat it do
Its Paul Wall puttin' it down
Michael Watts you let 'em off
Uh go on bring that beat back one time for me watts

Uh uh
That's right
'Cause I am whatever you say I am
We doin' it like this in the swishahouse
Bring it back for me one more time for me Watts
Lemmie feel this

Uh uh
'Cause I is
Whatever you say I is
Jada Pinkett want me to father her kids
I'm more cold than a fridge
You can call me ice box
Mouth got white rocks
Matchin' my white gold watch
My mics hot
I spit more fire than a dragon
My jumbos stay saggin
Tyra Banks keep naggin
Swangers on a patty wagon
I'm blessed with a gift
Say open sesame to (un-?? my fifth?)
I done swung so hard
I made the equator skip
Paul Wall could catch boppers
If I drove a fork lift
I done called so many boppers
I called me a (case?)
I got a parter named Trey
That play football at you of H
Got a partner named Tim
Riddin 20 inch rims
Whenever I close my mouth
The lights get dim
Me and Billy Blanks started up in acres home gym
Got my partner named Sean
A Louis Vuitton ink pen
All I wear is Gucci
When its cold I wear Coogi
I could kiss boobies
If I smell like poopy
I'm a dog like Snoopy
(Imma?) order some sushi
Lookin' inside my cars like goin' to the movies
Got a 19 inch laptop installed in my dash
I bought out Texaco just so I could lower the price of gas
I'm makin' boppers frown
Ridin' with Myesha Brown
Went to d town
And bought her a gold crown
And when them haters surround
Paul Wall don't clown
I could blow a kiss
And make my trunk close down
I'm steppin up to the mound
I'm throwin' curve balls
I swerved and all snapped
20s hit the curb y'all
The stooped up Paul ?? swung through Oklahoma
Paul Wall givin' off Issey Miyake aroma
Bought my sister Nina Taylor a Versace toaster
Send an R I P shoutout to ??
Got a wood grain sofa all in side my (trucks?)
When Doug see me on struts worth bucks
Make 'em say oh shucks
Paul wall the baller
Went to Prairie View and started up a city called Paul Waller
Partner named D Carter who be sittin' on (grain?)
Swung through Kilgore College ??
Now what you say
Young boy playin' the game ??
I see me leanin in my car but I don't sip Barr
'Cause I are whatever you say I are
So many gold teeth I need surgery on my jaw
Diamonds cuttin' like a saw
Touchin grain with my (palm/paw/claw?)
Got (jumbos?) on my waist
And (sinkonie?) on my (paw?)
Homeboy in oak cliff by the name of superstar
Paul Wall be in a car that you ain't ever saw
Still wood grain holdin'
With that boy Al Bolden
Eighteen teeth is golden
Got my cheeks all swolen
I be (represent?) ??
With shawn lewis bout to take over the NBA
Boppers all up in my way
But Paul Wall don't want em
I got Gucci beads on my braids with diamonds on 'em
Partner named ?? and I got a partner named (smurf?)
I can make my trunk close whenever I burp
I'm a
Crusader on the caper
I ain't no brick baker
I'm a straight played breaker
Jada Pinkett got my name
Tattooed on her breast
I'm frost bitten
Like Jack Frost
And Jonny Quest
I'm kidnappin bootleggers
And hangin' them from a bridge
When I open my mouth
It feel like when I open the fridge
I'm a head turner
Block burner
Money earner
And if I'm in trouble
Imma call up Sylvester Turner
It's the Paul Wall
More fly than flight
Ron C done bought me a versace mic
I got a parter named (seantell?) who be sellin my stock
I could cough *cough cough* and make my car door unlock
You might see me with Myesha ridin' down camp wisdom
(Terry/jerry?) henry up in prison he caught up in that system I sure miss him
To all my other dogs on lock keep your head up you'll be out before my album drop
I spit acre-acres homes every time I bust
I'm breaking boys off
Puttin' swingers on the church bus
Paul Wall don't cuss
But don't play me for soft
Me and little twin known for makin' haters shut their mouth
?? North
Talkin' 'bout the north pole
So much ice in acres homes
The temperatures cold
I'm 19 years old but my mind is 30
Tuesday nights you can catch me off Richmond and Kirby
I'm ridin' dirty
I'm more dirty than dust
Y'all boys gold teeth be lookin' like rust
Happy Days
And Paul Wall the Fonz
Y'all boys gold teeth be lookin' like bronze
Man Watts
Man go on break them boys off with some live somethin'

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