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This song is by Swift and appears on the album Waging War (2002).

As I sit alone in the half darkness
Listening to the lonely hum of my soul
I only wish to taste what's on that plate so far away
And then I find you something almost perfect
And something almost able to feed me
And now your hours look like minutes to my watch
And I can no longer feel empty in your eyes
Nor do I realize that the emptiness exists
Because all that exists is this moment
And your beautiful hands on my back
Because I need more and I'm wasting away without you
Because something inside you makes me grow inside
And I wish I wish you were here because I would take you out
And everyone knows that dinner is far more glamorous than lunch
I'll tell you something that you don't know I'll tell you something is that I trust you so I trust you more than the sunrise
And life and death and I love you the same
And you can't wipe, god knows you can't wipe
The smile off my face
Don't go
And now the world is such a different color
With your hand in mine so different that now
I sleep well

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