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Infernal Bridges

This song is by Svartahrid and appears on the album As The Sunrise Flickers (2000).

Seduced by evil desecrated by doubt.
I am trapped, frozen by the oath.
But yet I do like it. I surely uninhibited.

Infernal bridges eternal chaos.
The only sight behind my back.
Time has no power anymore.
The momentum... my end is present.

Cold firm hands of death.
Femme fatale, frozen limbs lead my way.
Gliding like shadows through broken mirrors.
White human life pass in review.
Entering a mental vision.
Riddles interlaced in poetry
Uncovering keys.

Stranded... stripped to the core.
Floating above the Abyss.
The black hole "the nowhere" beyond present.
Yet to be introduced to destination unknown.

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