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Blues on a Holiday

This song is by Susan Tedeschi and appears on the album Wait For Me (2002) and on the compilation album The Best of Susan Tedeschi Episode Two (2007).

In the evening you will find me
Round this old neighborhood
Sittin' in this bar
Wonderin where you are
You know I'd be with you if I could

Honey we should be together
No matter what you might say
Come back and see
Just what you mean to me
We'll put these blues on a holiday

And every time we get together
Something turns out wrong
Now I found peace of mind
Just by sitting here all alone
Honey please come home.

Everybody knows the reason
And everybody knows the score
Come back to me
Honey you will see
No one could ever love you more

Why wont you surrender
Consider everything I've got to say
Why must we fight?
Lets make love tonight
We'll put these blues on a holiday
We'll put these blues on a holiday

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