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Axe to My Tree

This song is by Sure Conviction and appears on the album Get Ready (1995).

I can come to you with my life filled with so much pride
Come to you not knowing where you live
Come to you right now with big explosive words
But when I look in the mirror an adjustment occurs
I'll put an axe to my tree - before I come talk to you
About the needle in your eye - that you need to lose
I'll put a ball to the wall - that divides us two apart
For truth is an arrow - that goes right through the heart
I've seen too many sights that are making me ashamed
I've spoken all too often in regards to your name
I'm apologizing now for the way I've always been
I'm feeling kinda foolish and I've wiped off my grin
I'll put an axe - to my tree
Before I come talk to you
I'll put an axe - to my tree
Before I come talk to you
I've finally learned the words that my father spoke
About speaking out of line being a foolish joke
For nothing gets accomplished but a wall standing strong
Gonna get out my axe and chop that monster down

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