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Are You There?

This song is by Sure Conviction and appears on the album 54 and Change (1997).

Why should I trust you for my needs?
Why should I get down on my knees?
How do I see what's wrong from right?
Why do I need you in my life?
Are you there? Do you hear my cry?
Are you waiting for me, to say a prayer?
Are you there? Do you look down on me?
Can you touch my need? Are you there?
This world of mine is filled with so much pain
Love comes for a season but never remains
I'm searching for hope, God can you see?
Show me a sign, make me believe
What can I say, what can I do?
To bring me closer to you
What does it take, where can I go?
How do I get back to you?
I'm feeling empty, I need to be filled
Life without living's like livin' in hell
Love's only a word when you're in pain

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