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Texas Charm

This song is by Supergarage and appears on the album Elvis Was Bigger Than The Beatles (2003).

Saw your picture on the highschool wall,
Even way back then you were beautiful
Ya you were sporting braces and braids
Now you stand just under 6ft tall,
Some Hollywood agent gonna take your call
Goddbye odessa, hello l.a.
You're feeling the pressure,
You're feeling what's on the special, you're on the special today
Come as you are,
Cause you come so far,

Since you left the farm
You got that something,
That southern something
That Texas charm
Found a hot stylist gonna change your clothes
Found the best surgeon gives you tucks and folds,
And your agent says now "just play the game"
You're on the list, you're in the know,
Take your pick, get free blow,
Now half the world knows you by name

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