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All We Need

This song is by Supergarage.

Before we leave, before we die,
Before our crackpot dreams come crashing from the sky
We will reign, we will dance
We will get the girl when we get our second chance
All we need is some royalty to bestow
All we need is some deep reserves of gold
All we need is some shoalin self control
All we need is detoit rock'n'roll
Ooh shalala, shalabalala

By the will of mama, by the grace of the lord
We pledge to do good deeds until we get real bored
I'm thinking vegas, I'm thinking rental cars
I'm thinking any place we can slide my credit card

All we need is some mafioso ties
All we need is some female Russian spies
All we need is some sweet ol cherry pie
All we need is 4 words that rhyme
Ooh shalala, shalabalala
Ho ho ho ho hold it a moment, hold the applause
We ain't finished yet, we need to find a cause
Do it for the animals, no, do it for the trees
For $20 a month you can donate it all to me
All we need is a cool elvis stance
All we need is an island south of France
All we need is a big fat trust fund
All we need is a mother hit song
Ooh shalala, shalabalala

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