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Ernesto C. Guevara For President

This song is by Superbutt and appears on the album 2 Minutes For Roughing (2001).

Ernesto c. guevara for president
Music by Superbutt
Lyrics by A. Vörös

Yeah all the winners are...
Saints like you - or hypocrites like me
Or heroes like you - or witnesses like me
Or judges like you - or suspects like me
Or rebels like you - or fat civils like me

All in a line all eyes turned up to see if the winners are...
Fighters like you - or dead meat like me
Or butchers like you - or buyers like me
Or actors like you - or salesmen like me
Or guerillas like you - or soap fans like me

It's so red that it has to be brown

March, you march and your faith is strong
But I was there when it all went wrong

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