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Bee (Two Grams Of Threat)

This song is by Superbutt and appears on the album 2 Minutes For Roughing (2001).

Bee (two grams of threat)
Music by Superbutt
Lyrics by A. Vörös

Don't let me catch you don't ever, no, protect yourself, 'cause I've got scissorhands
Don't let me get you, run away yeah cause you know how it ends
These fingers cut you, I scare you away 'cause I'm losing my innocence
And I'll blame it on you, I'm the guilty one and you are the evidence

Oh yes, very emotional... I know
'Cause I'm a supercharged freak fucking asshole to you
And I'm frightened and then I byte, my sting gets into you
Injection of myself, the venom is in your vein

My pain is in you
My misery's in you
My fear is in you
And the trouble is in you

When the sting is in you

Don't let me catch you don't ever, no, stay away, 'cause I'm an animal
I get any nearer and I panic, I'm smelling danger and I never get real
My nails will wound you, I think it's a game but I leave you with injuries
Ooh like I told ya, I can't stop now cause you let me into this

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