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The Moderately Talented Yet Attractive Young Woman vs. The Exceptionally Talented Yet Not So Attractive Middle Aged Man

This song is by Sun Kil Moon and appears on the album Among the Leaves (2012).

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A simple song, small creations
You're always needing validation
Your pouty face, your great photos
Without them, baby, who would notice?
We met once, we were alone
Backstage in Dallas
Got your phone number
What a good kisser
I left for Tempa and I missed her

But on stage you weren't strong
I don't recall any songs
But when you sang, you hit the notes
I'll give you that you didn't choke
And you looked so good
Like an actress from Hollywood
And your eyes, they glistened
But no one listened

And one day you'll be forty
And trust me, babe, it ain't sporty
You'll be pleased to be reviewed
Because there's always something new
Someone hot, press-friendly
You'll be searching
Are there any?
You traveled hard 'round the globe
But does anyone know?

The moderately talented old woman
And the dreams that she once had

You're a bright, burning star
The way you sing and play guitar
The way your words cut through
They put a spell on the room
But your eyes are far
And in your heart, many scars
Lost friends, ex-lovers
Ailing dads, and dead mothers
I could only love you like a friend, lost soldier
'Cause I got someone else, and you're older
I didn't mean to come along, but God I love your songs
What a night, what a memory, but don't read it wrong

The moderately talented young woman
Versus the exceptionally talented old man
The moderately talented young woman
Versus the exceptionally talented old man


Written by:

Mark Kozelek

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