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Last Tide

This song is by Sun Kil Moon and appears on the album Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003).

This song has been covered by Mark Kozelek under the title "Last Tide".
Every bird fell weak on lifeless ground
Every eye swelled from tears ever clear
Every seed broken in spring lived 'til fall
All your babies will be around to see them growing up

Will you be here with me, my love
When the warm sun turns to ash
And the last tide disappears?
All darkness near

I kept quiet so you'd think my heart was tough
I never showed you if I loved you enough
The dreams I had I kept, but I wouldn't dare
Share with you for fear of things still living in me

Will you be next to me, my love
When the cold moon vanishes
And the last cries, no yells
For it to hear?


Written by:

Mark Kozelek

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