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David Cassidy

This song is by Sun Kil Moon and appears on the album This Is My Dinner (2018).

Seat 22c
Paris to Barcelona
David Cassidy died last night
We're gonna sing a song for him
I watched the Partridge Family when I was a kid
Keith Partridge was cool
And it was guys like him
Who made me wanna play guitar
Keith Partridge and K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton
And Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath
And Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
David Cassidy was so cool
That I read his autobiography
It's called C'mon, Get Happy
And I recommend it highly
It's a 'bout the troubles he had
Being a young TV star
Being controlled by the networks
And being taken advantage of
Being exploited and being ripped off
By those who overworked him
Coming home from tours broke
And cancelling tours due to over exhaustion
And of his battles with depression
I will not reveal how he said that he overcame
And I leave that to you
As the book is a must read
Buy that book tomorrow
It's one of my favorite autobiographies
Lots of legendary musicians passing away lately
Like the late great Malcolm Young of AC/DC
But for now we're gonna sing a song
By this great inspirational wonder
And gave us years of television entertainment
The first one we're gonna do
Is my childhood in front of the television
Me and my sisters would gather around it
It's the theme song of the TV show The Partridge Family
Here we go it's called
Come On Get Happy!
And the one we're gonna do after that
Sung by my favorite rock singer
His name was Bon Scott
And he wasn't just a regular
Rock singer
He was a blues singer
He was a soul singer
But he overdosed one day like so many other singers
Like Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Shannon Hoon
The list goes on and on
And there are more and more and more and more of 'em
But I'm not gonna go down a rabbit hole with that
I've sung about the struggles of being an entertainer
Yeah, I've covered all that
Gonna get on with what I was just talking about
I'm gonna sing a David Cassidy shout out
David Cassidy made us happy when we were little boys and girls
So for David Cassidy right now everybody
Make some fucking noise!
And while we're at it
Don't forget about Malcolm Young
Like a sledgehammer hit a nail
Is how he strum his Gretsch guitar
Malcolm Young played guitar on the song Highway to Hell
So for now everybody at the top of their lungs
I wanna hear you fucking yell!
Okay like I said
A few times already
We're gonna play this song
Come On Get Happy!
I love you David Cassidy
Thank you for all the happiness you brought me when I was a kid
Rest in peace David Cassidy
Rest in peace my young hero David Cassidy
When I was a kid I had shoulder length long hair
Parted in the middle and feathered, like David Cassidy
I wore clogs and bell bottom jeans just like David Cassidy
I had polyester shirts
Unbuttoned three buttons down, like David Cassidy
So anyhow
Like I've already said
A bunch of times
We're gonna play this song right now
It's called
Come On Get Happy!


Written by:

Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Mark Kozelek and Tony Scherr

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