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Wrath Of The Slaughter

This song is by Suicidal Winds and appears on the album Winds Of Death (1999).

My wrath explode
The chaos and depression
Makes me to a slaughter
Ready to slaughter you

I will bomb you home
And totally slaughter your soul
Massacre your body
And eat it with a great smile

I will slaughter you all
The next victim is you

The hellish brain commands me
To rape your dead body
With satisfaction in mind
I'll orally rape your dead skull

No one can stop me
I'm born to be a maniac
A slaughter with wrath
To do everything that is awful

I will slaughter you all
The next victim is you

No one can here you scream
With a gun in your mouth
The last thing you ever here is my laugh
A demonic laugh from hell

When your body start to decay
Shall I cut it into pieces
And eat it with pleasure
I'm a cold bloody slaughter without a soul

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