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Black Bitchfuck

This song is by Suicidal Winds and appears on the album Winds Of Death (1999).

Fuck! fuck that little fucking bitch
She will get what she deserves
That fucking little bitch
Ah, bitchfuck
Pure fucking bitchfuck
Ooh, look at her eyes
So innocent, so beautiful
Tears from her eyes

Ooh, she really cries!
Pain was in her body everywhere
And it wouldn't stop hurting
It never will...
The feelings for sex will never come back

She remember when she was a little girl
And when her mother said:
Don't let anybody touch your body when you don't want to
But what can she do when she is so weak
That she hardly can control her mind
Fuck! fuck the silly bitch she always here them say

Whatever she thinks on
She will never get that from here fucking mind...
It always be there...
Try it if you can BITCH!

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