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The Narrow Path

This song is by Subliritum and appears on the album Dark Prophecies (2002).

Darkage come forth, the time has come
The shadows have fallen, cold light that I adore
Black lights evil flashing eyes search inside
The night never ending we live on the darkside

So when the hammer falls
A great thunder crack the skies
The blood will float, is this the last day on earth

But now the winds are blowing cold,
Blowing cold in our soul
The world is turning, our souls asre burning in times close to war
Hear the mourning hear the screams of sorrow
But ignore the suffering insanity brings in times of war

And, I wonder is this the beginning of the end of the end of the beginning?
The war approaches, these is only darkness in my eyes
A scary existence this is, this tormenting felling make us win
If you got the power if you got the strength you will force your enemies down to the ground

Evil lucks in the corner, in the mist and the shadows
Fear and hate overwhelming on this narrow path towards the final battle
You can see the signs on the nightsky,
Turning red filled with the cries from the fallen ones
Through pain and suffering thou will find salvation the truth lies within; self-destructive evil complication

The war comes closer our reality is drifting apart
The world turns we see our enemies burn
A path so narrow we follow, the truth is harsh to swallow
Is it our destiny, is it what waits for you and me?

We walk towards the battlefield
The brave men are awaiting their last fight
With tormenting weapons they hold
Ready strike, set to kill so behold

Beware and prepare, conquer and fight
And they'll see the morning to come
But know that the stars on the sky won't ever shine so bright anymore

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