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Intro - Come Sail Away

This song is by Dennis DeYoung and appears on the album Music Of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra (2004) by Styx.

(Spoken / time = 1:40)
You know people always ask me why I still live in this city. Seems half the population took the bus to Hollywood. I just smile at them and say "Baby, I like the weather". Maybe it's courage, maybe it's fear. Hell, all my friends are here.
This town is a habit that I can't break. It's the CITY... ON... THE...
When I grew up in Roseland, and I had this wacky dream living in a two-flat, that some day I would be in a big famous rock-n-roll band. That's, that's an impossible dream. Can't happen, can't come true. Guess what happened, came true. People ask me "what's the secret to all that?" "how does that happen?" and I don't know. All I know is you gotta work your ass off. There's no substitute for it. If there was, Id've figured it out years ago. And the two things I've realized after all this time is, number one, find love. If you do, cherish it and hold onto it, keep it close to ya. And number two, and I believe this, winners are just losers who got up and gave it one more try.

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