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Same Scriptures

This song is by Styles P and appears on the album Phantom and the Ghost (2014).

Word (echoes)

See the streets taught me well so I keep it real witcha
Cross my heart and hope to die
Follow the same scriptures
It's hard out here
Can't survive again
We got no heart out here
Nigga figure the angle
Even the reaper of death is called an angel
A slug to your face will rearrange you
Nigga will straight bang you
Street life will change you
What do you see you close your eyelids
Vampires, lycans and wolves a couple hybrids
And the pigs don't fit
But the snakes going hiss so the cigs going whiff
And the apes going blast and the whips going splash
And the funny thing about it is the pigs goin' laugh
And the raps going eat, so I rap on beats
Before that I had to sell crack on streets
We ain't playin' lil' homie
That's the game lil' homie
Don't be dumb, living for a name lil' homie
I did that, now I'm making change lil' homie
You hungry, but never show your fangs lil' homie
Whaddup, whaddup (ooh)[x3]
Whaddup, whaddup

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