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Feelings Gone

This song is by Styles P and appears on the album Master of Ceremonies (2010).

"Cause the feeling, is gone!" [Ghost]
"And I must, get it back" [Statik Selektah]

Trust me, nothing prepares us
They never say gettin' money slows your prayers up
We already in Hell! Nothin' can scare us
We already fly how nothin' can air us
Came from the underground so I stay grounded, astounded
By all the bullshit that I founded
A wise man can lose juice soon as he gain jewels
Life get real and you think of the pains you grew
You different, you makin' a change, you let your man tell it
Blowin' chronic, am I demonic or angelic?
No vanilla Dutch, fuck it, get a panetela
Roll a one sheet, think about my rap sheet
Sellin crack'll have you runnin' like a track meet
Watchin your back on every other back street
I started so young, why you think I'm so numb
You can't feel shit and only like real shit

(Chorus: Statik Selektah's samples scratched)
"You can act stupid if you wanna"
"Like you don't know what block I'm front of"
"D-Block layin 'em down"
"And I ain't never plannin to stop, I'm plannin to rock"
"You know my name, you heard my raps"
"You know my name, ain't nuttin changed"
"S.P. and I done been through it all"
"From here on I spit it in rare form"

The moon stay quiet but the sun spoke
Still can't blow away the pain with the blunt smoke
Tryin' to give my daughter and my son hope
The shit get rough, when you breathin in the gun smoke
Do it all for a pile of the cash, funny
But I'm rarely known to smile when I laugh (that's all)
You can say the pain run deep and I wonder
Do the insane or the sane ones speak?
And I feel like the devil got chains on me
I'm inside but I still feel the rain on me
(It's raining) like it's comin' through the window or the windshield
Life full of sins'll have you spinnin like a windmill
Contract with God is signed and it been sealed
See you at the crossroads if everything has been real
I can feel what you can't
And the shit is vice versa so fear what you can't

I told you it is what it is
Can't choose how to die but I can choose how to live (true)
Thought about it just sittin' where I live
Just another ghetto nigga with a million dollar crib
No hope, then I dropped the E and got hoppin
Got hip, just so I could get a little guap' (you get it?)
Before that, I used to move rock
With a 4 to 10 job after school workin stock (word)
Then I said "Fuck pickin' up a box"
So I sold more drugs, started stickin mo' spots
That's why I thank God for this rap shit
Niggaz be frontin 'cause we used to livin' backwards

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