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Miss Rolling Eyes

This song is by Street to Nowhere and appears on the album Charmingly Awkward (2005).

A sideshow act on center stage
Fermented breath she'd hate to taste
A zipper slips she slaps my face
She burns and blisters on my mind
Blurs and turns out from my sight
Self control's so unrefined
And it's over
And I'm over
I'm over
I'm over it
Forget me Miss Rolling Eyes
You're colder than the air outside
Replace me with stab wound sighs
The wounds I failed to cauterize
With Subtle hints we fled at five
Chased the sunrise through the vine
Left the septic stench of her city behind
I've drawn dashed lines down my wrist
I swell from hope but I'm still convinced
A girl that knows her own power can't be tricked
I cauterize
I caught her eyes

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