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Cry Baby

This song is by Stray Cats and appears on the album Choo Choo Hot Fish (1994).

Pick you up on a Saturday night
Hopin' that later I can hold you tight
Spendin' my money like it's out of style
Pull up in my truck
It brings a smile from you baby

You don't like it I'll say goodnight
I don't need no crybaby goodbye

Took you out on another date
I begged you baby
Please don't be late
Supposed to ready
'Bout an hour ago
Me downstairs just pacin' the floor
You're late I'll wait

The moon is risin', we could be driven
Girl we're just wastin' time
With all your cryin' your just denying
Any love that comes to you

Bless my soul what's wrong with you
Whinin' all the time just like babies do
Playin' your games just not my bag
Why must you be such a drag
No fun I'm done

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