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This song is by Stray and appears on the album Mudanzas (1973).


Well I rambled and I gambled
In the towns of dust and dirt
Well I mumbled and I stumbled
And my body felt badly hurt
Yeah I holla'd get a doctor
But nobody heard a sound
So I laid there drunk and hurting
And I cursed the one horse town
For I'd robbed them of their money
And I made love to their wives
'Cause the whole world loves a gambler-Oh yeah!
Well you make it and you take it
And you don't think twice
You're a hustler, three handed shuffler
With a heart as cold as ice
High flyer, womaniser
With a tattoo on your gun
Child of love in a whorehouse
You're nobodys son
So you see why I've no affection
I've never had no real love
And no religion, make my own decisions-oh yeah!
Somebody won't you help me
I need a friend
Somebody won't you help me
I need a friend

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