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Dearest Eloise

This song is by Stray and appears on the album Suicide (1971).


Dearest Eloise, I'm writing to say
A number of things, that happened today
And tell you all the funny things I know you like to hear
And make up little stories that I know you'll like to hear
Oh oh woh!
Dearest Eloise, I know it's hard to say
I'm sorry for the times, I caused you such pain
And hope you're feeling better now and hope you're doing fine
And make sure no one brings you down now I'm not in your mind
Oh oh woh!
Dearest Eloise, If we meet again
Promise that you'll still treat me as a friend
And tell me that you like me still and put my mind at ease
And show me some affection Eloise-forgive me please
Oh oh woh!


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