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Small Package

This song is by Strawberry Alarm Clock and appears on the album Good Morning Starshine (1969) and on the compilation album Anthology (1993).

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Mmm, there's a small package waitin' for me
And I've got to decide if it's really for me
You just can't call and say wrap it up
Or want it at all unless you give it up

Baby, what happens when you do
Finally arrive?
How am I to know that you're
Really alive?
And I gotta have you, oh

In a small town I shouldn't have been in
A small package finds me and it's really for me
You're good in some ways
But your disadvantage is
I love you too much

Baby, what happens when you do
Finally say I love you?
How am I to know that you'll
Wake me today?
Hey, hey, hey

Well, East Coast girls are hip
I really dig those styles they wear


Written by:

Mark Weitz Wikipedia16, Jim Pitman, Ed King Wikipedia16, Lee Freeman and Gene Gunnels


The two lines in the outro are taken from "California Girls" by The Beach Boys.

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