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My Hate

This song is by Straight Edge.

Suck my dick!

I hate your face and I hate your voice
You think that the others are just your toys
You will never have a friend
You'll stay alone until your mean ends
Fuck for your life and the things you do
No enemy could be as cruel as you
I'd like to rip off your eyes
Just do me a favour: shut up and die!

Thorn of truth stuck in the face of mine!
I hate you just till the end of time!

You don't give a fuck 'bout another's life
You destroyed mine with your goddam lies
My pain seems to be your pride
The hate I feel is to strong to hide
Just suck my dick little stupid guy
That's all you can do and you deny
The fact that you'll loose the game
Then you'll know how it is to be insane

My only wish is your creeping death
I don't allow you one single breath
One day you'll be on your knees
And from this moment my mind is free

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