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Be Still

This song is by StorySide:B and appears on the album We Are Not Alone (2007).

I remember all the times
The good times and the bad
(Some good and some are bad)
I'm still holding on to you
Some days I wanna run
And times I come undone
But I still belong to you
That's how I know that

When I feel like caving in
My heart my soul is wearing thin
I just want to give up
Nothing seems at all to add up
Can you hear me Lord?
My face is down upon the floor
Its then you whisper in my ear
Be still and know I'm here

I see a side of you my friend
The same struggles that I have
My heart goes out to you
I know its hard to feel alone
And this world's so unforgiving
I've been feeling that way too
But I can tell you

Is that you?
Is this me
It's sometimes hard to believe that
I am not alone

It's not just you
And not just me
We all need to believe that
We are not alone

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