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Waitin' For Dawn Till Dawn

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (1974).

When I was young and foolish and always on the go
I met up with this beauty out on the western coast
I learned that she was married and that her name was Dawn
But to know that she was married didn't send me home

We'd meet in secret places all along the bay
I realize it wasn't right for man to live that way
We lived high on his money as though it was our own
And cared not how it broke his heart to wait for Dawn till dawn

When he ran out of money his wife ran out of time
So that's when she divorced him at last she was all mine
But I worked longer hours so far into the night
To buy Dawn's pretty dresses so short and oh so tight

For weeks now I've been searching for work with better pay
That last two thousand that she spent I don't see how I'll pay
It must be time for reapin' the wild seeds that I've sown
At three A.M. I'm weeping as I wait for Dawn till dawn
Yes, at three A.M. I'm weepin' as I wait for Dawn till dawn


Written by:

Stonewall Jackson

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